Short of the Week – Pitch Black Heist

Short films, on a whole, are not a commercial, money-making, medium, and as a result, rarely attract well-established actors. Now and again however, mainstream actors see the opportunity of working on a short film, to explore a different style, or to work with a certain director.

In Pitch Black HeistMichael Fassbender stars in John Mclean‘s BAFTA winning short film. The two had previously worked together on another short, Man On a Motorcycle, before Mclean ended up directing Fassbender in the brilliant feature, Slow West.

Pitch Black Heist, also starring Liam Cunningham, is a simple yet effective story about two safe-crackers, who in their next job, need to operate in complete darkness to avoid setting off any alarms.

The black and white cinematography is beautiful, and despite the short running time, enough story is given to create interesting characters. A very entertaining watch.


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