Short of the Week – Ticky Tacky

He may be Hollywood’s man of the moment, after starring in such films as Ex Machina, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but like his X-Men Apocalypse co-star Michael FassbenderOscar Isaac is not above appearing a short film.

In between shooting blockbusters, Isaac took some time out to shoot Ticky Tacky, a darkly comic, Wes Anderson-esque tale, with director, and friend, Brian Pestos.

Described by Pestos as a “a throwback chamber piece“, Ticky Tacky is based in the same room, an extravagant library, over a period of three days. During this period, an eccentric, but wealthy man (Isaac), learns of his girlfriend’s infidelities with his cousin, grieves the loss, and eventually, plots his revenge.

Isaac is clearly delighted to let loose and really embrace the eccentricity of the character, whose ‘wackyness’ is balanced by his no-nonsense, touch, friend – a preteen boy.

With its dark, dry, humour, its leading star who is relishing the opportunity, and its vibrant cinematography, Ticky Tacky is a high-class, high-quality, short film.

TICKY TACKY (starring Oscar Isaac) from A Saboteur on Vimeo.


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