Short of the Week – Fool’s Day

This comic short film, starts out innocently enough – a class of young children plan to play an April Fool’s prank on their unsuspecting teacher – but then quickly takes a dark turn as the prank doesn’t quite go the way they intended…

Fool’s Day (Cody Blue Snider, 2013) is quite the mix of genres, but mainly flits between a horror, comedy, and crime film, played out by a scrappy group of primary school children. In true comedy of errors style, the children try to band together to hide the evidence of their previous disastrous prank, before a pre-scheduled visit by a community police officer, but their efforts are continuously set back.

There are some really nice touches to Fool’s Day, such as the hastily written schedule on the whiteboard to try to keep up appearances, how one child’s love of crime television shows gives him a chance to finally prove himself, and a rather grim episode with the class hamster. There’s also a lot of pleasure to be had in the final scene: we are terrified that the police officer will discover the children’s wrong-doing, but also kind of hoping that he does.

In total, although a little long at 19 minutes, Fool’s Day is quite a treat, featuring some great comedic performances by its young actors. Be warned though, this one is definitely not for children!

Fool’s Day-HD from Delirio Films on Vimeo.


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