Short Film – Get Staffed

This funny, super short film runs with an idea that we have all had at one time: I wish I could hire someone to do that for me.

In Get Staffed, the protagonist, after saving a large amount for a car, comes to a realisation that he could have spent that money on someones salary for a year. Buoyed by this discovery, he promptly hires a butler, then a driver, then a tailor, then a chef, until he never has to lift a finger again. Although our man is over-the-moon with his set-up, we see the cost of his extravagances in the background of every shot. His conducts an interview in charity shop clothes, on an old sofa, in his council flat, all whilst his Michelin starred chef struggles to cook a meal with a bag of mouldy vegetables.

Outwardly funny, the two-minute film builds laughs on top of one another, with a situation that seems so ridiculous, it could be plausible. Do watch if you need a short, sharp, hit of humour.

Get Staffed from Big Red Button on Vimeo.


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