Short of the Week – It Should Be Easy

Parents and technology: rarely do the two blend well together. Often a simple task such as printing a document, or checking in for a flight, requires a desperate phone call for help to their children. In my case, these calls are relatively frequent, and usually for something that I have already explained before, resulting in me usually using quite a dismissive and patronising tone with my parents. Not a nice trait, but a common one it seems, judging by short film It Should Be Easy.

This animated short follows a mum calling her weary son at work, to complain that the computer is “acting up again”. The son goes through the usual basic steps, like asking if the lights are still on, but as we gradually see more of the mother’s side of the story, we realise things aren’t as simple as we initially think.

A funny, animated film, that is relevant to most viewers, and only coming in at two minutes long, It Should Be Easy is definitely worth a watch, if not for the killer last line alone. Maybe save it for after your next I.T. call from your parents.

It Should Be Easy from Ben Meinhardt on Vimeo.


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